Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updates & Excerpts...

...some shameful acts can be rectified. Others, well...

Sad but true, Gaiman's "American Gods," a modern day classic soon to be entering into adulthood, has yet to find itself upon my bedside table. This admittance coming from a nurtured bookworm who nearly lost his day job over getting caught with one's face buried in a novel while on the clock. (More than once ;)

Not sure how this story has been playing hard to get for the past decade, but the game of cat & mouse is nearing closure. Over the past weekend, while carousing the shelves at the local indie, I inched up behind my wife, who'd spotted "Gods" on a display rack, and was reading its back cover blurb.

I blew softly into her ear, caused her to twirl about in alarm, and gained possession of the softback moments before accepting a punch on the shoulder.

"You scared the living...!"

"Sorry," I whispered, "But I call dibs on the Gaiman book."

"Yeah, whatever."

I bought her lunch, and all's well.

In the meantime, check out Gaiman's latest blog post, describing a day that began with a missing laptop, but ended with a new IPad...

Since dropping in price, "South of Charm" has experienced a rebirth of sorts. In a week's time it scaled Amazon's infamous rankings as if still a feisty pup, settling in nicely at the fifty thousand mark. It stuck for a day or two, then began the inevitable journey back down... Nonetheless, it made for some interesting conversation at the dinner table.

If in dire straits for a decent read, (perhaps not Gaiman worthy, but I'm getting there,) "South of Charm" is now available for $2.99 on Kindle.

For anyone hinging...check out fellow writer and dear friend, Olivia J. Herrell's interview we shared a few months ago, along with her take on my first novel. She's a sweetheart...

As for an excerpt I promised a short time ago, a paragraph or two from "The Fall," that novella near and dear to my heart, I apologize in advance for the shortened cliffhanger...

"The Fall"

...despite the sun's departure under a skyline smeared in copper, the temperature remained ablaze. Johnny could see the heat radiating from the cobbled sidewalk. Transparent tentacles rising with the breeze, reaching toward him, trying to slow his pace.

Johnny however, was no stranger to the intense heat of the south. Nor was he unfamiliar to running the historical streets of Charleston. He'd done it once before. Pushing through an ocean's salty breath during the witch's hour. The rustling of palm fronds towering overhead, like distant applause, urging him onward. A night he'd never forget. No matter how hard he tried...

This story is my son's favorite...me hopes you like as well ;)

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

...thinking out loud

...the local weatherman has forewarned us cringing locals of an Alberta Clipper looming upon the threshold of our upcoming weekend. Rain turning to snow by sunrise. One to four inches expected by tip-off of tomorrow's varsity game.

All dapper in his recently dry-cleaned, charcoal three piece, (most likely a sale item from The Burlington Coat Factory,) the smug expression on his otherwise unblemished mugshot led me to believe that he was relishing the moment, five minutes of negative airtime.

Quite the creeper, that fella...

Just a few thoughts and updates as the evening precipitation begins freezing to the window pane...damn that weatherguy!

The younger of Stephen King's offspring, and bestselling novelist, Joe Hill has published several photos of his private den, the spot where he's created such memorable chart-busters as, "Heart-Shaped Box," and one of my all-time faves, "Horns," on his personal blog. Check it out below...

...a special message to the contest winners from my autumn blog tour, I've been informed that your books have been sent. Enjoy ;)

...the other day, fellow blogger/writer, and dear friend, Roland Yeomans, from "Writing in the Crosshairs," has been honored with a book review of perhaps his most famous creation, "Victor Standish," from Braine at Talk Supe. It's a must read...

...and for those who've yet to experience Roland's work, my advice is to remove one's self from under that boulder, and whisk on over promptly!

...from the home front, I've recently been informed that one of the young men on my youth basketball team has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. While tests have revealed its leering presence as merely a benign menace at this point, it's nonetheless a troubling development for a single mother struggling to make ends meet, and her energetic 5th grade son, Michael. One encouraging thought, he's been cleared to play out the remainder of the season, and will be in my starting lineup for this weekend's games. After all, that boy's a rebounding machine. And as I write this post, the community is coming together...

...if all goes as planned, my next post will be accompanied with an excerpt from "The Fall," a novella that I hope to complete prior to the Mayan's Doomsday Revelation. Confounding deadlines...

In the meantime, hop on over to Amazon, where "South of Charm" is now available on Kindle for $2.99

...the plummeting rain in the driveway has since turned white...damn that cursed weatherguy!

Thanks for reading ;)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Day Give-a-Way

...two years ago on this very day, I found myself posting, not so much a New Year's Resolution, but rather, a determined rant of literary blotter, announcing to one and all that on this year, 2010, the final draft of my story, "South of Charm," would be completed.

...last year on this day, amid the dizzying cloud of a hangover, I tripped and stumbled through a post that boldly declared how "Charm" would be available for purchase at some point in 2011.

...now on this day, the first of 2012, as the ghosts of our Mayan ancestry eagerly await our demise, I'll lighten things up a bit with an announcement or two, and yes, one hopeful prediction for what may be our last hurrah on this planet. (Just between us, I don't think those Mayans know as much as they think they do ;)

...in an attempt at beginning a new year with a fresh outlook on all things written and read, upon my request, the Kindle version of "South of Charm" has been lowered in price, and is now listed at a very compatible $2.99!

Next up...I simply can't think of a better way to start off 2012, than with a New Year's Day Give-a-Way. Just to remind a few, back in October I journeyed the faraway reaches of Blogland, touting the new release. Upon my return, I found myself in sick bay for nearly a month, battling a series of respiratory infections that could have downed a feisty colt. I lived to write another day, but failed to announce the winners of my signed copy give-a-way.

The following names were drawn by The Girl, a youthful teen currently piecing her life back together following a childhood that I wouldn't wish upon my fiercest rival. Fellow bloggers/writers who, despite their own grumbling deadlines, managed to keep tabs on my journey, leaving comments at nearly every stop along the way, and thus, entering themselves into my contest.

1. The Golden Eagle
2. Sarah Pearson
3. Alex J. Cavanaugh
4. Carolyn V.
5. Cynthia Lee

To the winners, signed copies of "South of Charm" will find their way to your mailbox in the next couple of weeks. Congratulations, and thanks so much for supporting the book tour!

...lastly, as promised earlier, what's a New Year's Day post without a boastful resolution? Something to strive for. Yet another goal to dream of while under the stars.

If all goes according to plan, "South of Charm" will have some company on its Amazon title page in 2012.

"The Fall," a story that once began as a shorty, and has since grown a healthy mid-section, will hopefully debut as a Kindle novella in the coming months.

Of all the stories I've written over the years, this one is my son's favorite of the bunch, and will be dedicated to him, accordingly.

...the 'kraut's throwing a hissy from the stove top, my friends. I believe it's time to join in on the festivities ;)

Be safe and enjoy your day,