Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ultimate Question...

...its an ongoing debate we storytellers scratch our heads and ponder on, beg for advice and inevitably lose more hours of sleep than any of us are willing to admit.

Whether or not to sacrifice one's time sending countless queries on their way to a multitude of slushpiles, in hopes of one day earning that big ticket...

or going for the quick fix, self-publishing one's pride and joy for a shot at instant gratification.  And if the moons properly align, well...

For some the decision is simple, for others, its an uphill climb through a blizzard.  

Having once traveled along both paths a time or two, experiencing my share of outcroppings and detours in either direction, the only advice worthy of sharing goes as follows...

Whatever you do, never send your work to the fellow in this video ;)

Keep writing, dear friends.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...Drumming Along ;)

...there are times when a blank page yearns to stay that way.  As a basketball coach, I consider it similar to those forgettable days when regardless of the effort, an invisible lid has been placed upon the rim, allowing the act of scoring a bucket to be an impossible feat. 

Love it when that happens...

There are two sides to every coin however, and during those moments of literary bliss, when one's digits simply can not prod the keyboard fast enough, sacrifices are not only to be considered, but should be expected. (As long as the family can make do, that is ;)

Long story short, the latest project is running on all cylinders.  Therefore, I'll be burning the midnight oil until the juices sputter and run dry.  (For those of you in the know, I'm sure you get it.) 

Upcoming, I'll be posting another excerpt from "The Fall," and have been stirring up something special in celebration of hitting the big 300. (Thanks everyone!)

In the meantime, please take a moment to enjoy my son's latest musical achievement.  As it seems, while I've been hard at it, penning "The Fall," my son, (on guitar,) and his pal, (pounding the percussion,) have been working on their game as well.  

Anyone ever hear of Seven Nation Army?  You will now ;)