Friday, July 20, 2012

Headin' South! is that circling seagull up there preparing for launch, or is he just happy to see me?

The family's headin' south!  

I'll be signing a few books in Charleston, dropping by an auction or two that caught my eye, adding a few touches to "The Fall," and most importantly...some R & R on the beach with my lady and the kids ;)

Anyone up for some laughs?  Hit the link below for a highlight from our last southern excursion...the day we ran into Captain America on Siesta Key.

See ya in August!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

...just a little Summer Charm ;)

" had been a day or two since watching the fireworks fill the night sky with spider webs the color of a rainbow over Walnut Creek Park.  Later, I swore I could still hear the cannon blasts, like distant gunfire from across the county.

I was nine years old, enjoying summer break, sweating through a July heat wave.  Humidity in the shape of a giant mushroom cloud, hovering over the state of Ohio.  Its intensity was enough to make our cat pant like a dog and scurry for shade by ten a.m.  

I'd sneak up on him, a lazy orange tabby, its fur twisted and matted together from a territorial dispute with the neighboring tom, and blast him with the garden hose.  He'd spring into the air, his back arched, a guttural screech causing every nearby sparrow to flutter about in graceless circles, and stumble for the bordering maples in the distance.  

Then I'd giggle to myself as he'd stop, just out of firing range, and offer me a grimace from across the yard as if to say, "Between you and me, that hit the spot..."

"South of Charm"

...enjoy the summer ;)