Sunday, November 10, 2013

...The Unveiling, and Our Day in Court

...following three months of construction, the family basement is finally resembling the image of an entertainment area worth boasting of.  

New flooring, new drywall, new plumbing in the bathroom, a fresh coat of paint, and a forest green sectional to wrap the room up nicely.  It cradled two adults, two teens, and two 'tweeners with room to spare for last evening's Saturday night flick ;)

Not pictured is my future desk area, which is still in the works...but getting there.  And yes, when complete, I'll most definitely share the goods.

I'll use the basement project as my excuse for not participating in this year's NaNo, but honestly that had nothing to do with it.  I've written some fine fodder under far greater duress in my days.  

Nope, the real reason for my NaNo NoShow was wrapped around November 6th, 7th, and the upcoming 12th.  For those are, and will be our days in court for the custody battle over that little boy who first visited our home at four days old...and thus far, remains under our roof.  

Regarding the first two days...testimony rolled on as expected, all witnesses arrived on time, cordially made their statements, and were duly thanked for their participation.  

My wife and I took the stand on day 1, were asked questions that we were expecting, and were prepared to answer.  

The highlight of the day, coming when my wife was on the stand... "can the little boy in question speak yet, at fourteen months old?"

"Yes, Ma'am, he's been talking for some time now."

"What are some of the words he can say?"

"Typical baby talk, mostly.  Dadda, Momma, Sissy, Bubba, Doggie, he meow's for kitty, and can say my son's name, Dylan, as well as you and I."

"When he says, Momma, or Dadda, who is he referring to?"

"My husband and I."

"If you were to be sitting in a room with the baby's birth parents, and he was asked to go to his mommy and daddy, who would he go to?"

"My husband and I," spoken without hesitation.

"Just one more question, Mrs. Grace.  If given the opportunity, is your family prepared to adopt the child in question?"

...deep breath, exhale.  "Absolutely.  We are all he knows, we'd be lost without each other..."

...the case will wrap up on Tuesday...I'll be in touch.

Thanks for reading ;)