Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 year ago, I issued farewell to '09 with a salute of my middle finger.

Bills were stacked like aging newspapers upon the corner of my desk. The dayjob was in ruins, a managerial staff scurrying about like suited minions, assuring themselves a future while escorting my co-workers through the company exits. The book was hovering in obscurity, having received little feedback in months.

The mortgage was due, my dog was overweight, my son's basketball team was struggling, and the basement plumbing was clogged. The skies were gray, the temperature bitter. No hint of Spring in sight. As if the idea of sunshine were only a myth.

With aggressive fervor, I dropped into a chair, glared at my Dell, and began hammering keys...the one thing I've always counted on, regardless of what obstacles barred smooth travel.

What I posted that day, one year prior, was not a list of resolutions. Lofty dreams to pray for and eventually dismiss with life's daily grind once again taking precedence. I penned a set of goals, a pair of "must haves" in order to right the ship.

The book. The job.

I published the post, and set about the task of turning goals into realistic ventures.

The book deal was signed in February. The work's been tedious, but on last check, moving along on schedule, a 2011 release date within reach.

The job offer was made over Thanksgiving weekend, fittingly enough. A new dayjob with an all new degree of stress, but with far better working hours, and a fresh approach to industry.

The bills were paid, the drains running smoothly. A new coaching regime has taken over my son's ball And even the dog has trimmed the fat.

2010 was bid farewell with a tearful hug. It will be missed.

With '11's arrival, treadmill gears across the country are being greased, cigarettes getting tossed into the trash by the thousands, cleaning supplies being applied to filthy floors and refrigerator shelves infected with moldy leftovers.

A time for a fresh start. A clean slate.

There is but one goal I've set for 2011. A righting of the ship.

For those who read my blog regularly, I've spoken of The Girl. A twelve year old foster child in need of a home, her life currently entwined under the rule of third party regulations, a future in doubt.

We were close to bringing her home in 2010. So close...when the powers that be stepped in and thwarted nature's selection.

But the journey's not over, our quest far from futile. In 2011 the battle will rage on. The Girl will come home.

When arranging one's goals, future plans that could change everything, we must first study our reflection in a mirror, or perhaps a pool, its ripples calm enough to return one's image. Study yourself, the expression staring back, and make sure you know the person you're looking at. And as Rafiki says, "Look harder." For only when we truly know ourselves, can we strive to be better. Achieve the goals we've set, those lofty expectations with the power to cut through gray skies and allow the sun to warm our shoulders once again.

Happy New Year:)


B.E.T. said...

I'm glad it's been a great year. The Rafiki wrap up at the end was really fitting. I hope the year does grant you the girl you want as your new daughter and even more blessings besides that. :) Happy New Year.

Donna Hole said...

Yay You! So nice to be able to look back, measure your life progress, and face the future with satisfaction and hope.

Perseverence and passion; that is what's carried you and your family through the last year, and will win the next year.

Best wishes for 2011 El.


The Golden Eagle said...

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

I hope things work with the girl you've spoken of.

Jemi Fraser said...

You've deserved and earned every good thing that's happened to you - I hope 2011 is even better and you get to add that special member to your family. I wish you all the best and brightest for the new year Elliot - and a little magic too :)

Anne Gallagher said...

Oh, Happy Happy New Year, Elliot!!!

I can't wait for The Girl to come HOME. I'll pray with you.

Jules said...

Sorry I'm late Elliot, a most Happy New Year to you as well.

Righting of the ship, sort of says it all doesn't it? Have completed my look in the mirror, bring on '11 :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jodi Henry said...

Late wishes, but here as always. Happy New Year.

I found myself wondering if The Girl was able to be with you for the holidays. I hope she was for you and for her.

Here's to the new year and new goals.


DEZMOND said...

your dog being overweight really is a tragedy on its own :))))
Happy New Year Elliot to you and your family, and the dog off course :)

Jaccstev said...

New Year promises fresh start and fill every heart with hopes and aspirations.
Hope the best for you and your family and The Girl.

PriPat said...

nice blog! And what a smak*** starting 2 the post!!

Hope u have great year ahead!

Elliot Grace said...

...I dreaded watching 2010's departure, for it treated my family with cheer. Odd numbered years have not been as positive, so with fingers crossed, we venture forward on hope alone.

Thanks for reading and all your support, my writing peers and friends:)


The Words Crafter said...

Hey Elliot, sorry I'm so late in visiting.

This was a very thoughtful, inspiring, and even fierce post. I hope The Girl gets to come home soon. And I can't wait until your book comes out!

I hope this year, the boat is not only righted, but sailing in fair winds and under warm skies.

Christine Danek said...

She will come home. I believe that can happen. I'm glad 2010 was a great year and 2011 will be even better.
Sorry, I'm so late with my reading of your blog. Catching up is something I'm trying to get better at.

Lola Sharp said...

I know I'm late...I'm still catching up on everyone.
BUT, HAPPY 2011, Elliot.

I hope and wish and dream and pray for The Girl to join your family forever.

I wish you and yours every success and great joy this year and always.


Olivia J. Herrell said...

Hi El, I missed this before but needed to read it now. Today. I'm pretty sure you read my final salute to 2010, and maybe my lofty goals for 2011. But they boil down to the same thing for me:

The book and the job. Oh. And the fat.

Here's to 2011. And I'm whispering prayers for you to get Your Girl.

~that rebel, Olivia

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