Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Review

...my to do list recently bared a set of fangs and made short work of my backside. It appears that my calendar in the month of June is full, which of course isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Coaching my son's baseball team will eat up several days a week. (We're pretty darn good ;)

My first book signing is tentatively scheduled for mid-June, preferably a Friday evening.

While not delving into the matter with too much vigor during this post, there are now seven children living under my roof. (For those who don't know, my wife and I are licensed foster parents.) And for those of you who've kept up on the story of a certain young lady who occasionally pays us a visit...well, I'll be saving that surprise for another day :)

I've been informed that copies of "South of Charm" have been sent out to a handful of reviewers, and am nervously awaiting my lashes.

David has recently hinted that my name's been tossed into conversation to perhaps be invited to this year's Buckeye Book Fair, now the largest author event in the state. Black Sharpie is ready. Fingers are crossed.

In the meantime, Jennifer from "Serendipity's Library," spent this past weekend in "Charm," and has posted her review. She somehow managed to get her thoughts typed up before even the local paper. Jennifer, I'm forever grateful! Please link over and check it out ;)

Lastly, I leave you with an excerpt most will agree as something a bit less than "Charming..."

...I discovered a box of Wheaties, misplaced in one of the cupboards above the stove. Nearly hidden and shoved back to that place in every kitchen where long-forgotten edibles are stored for proper spoilage. Too much left to throw away, too little to waste time on.

I studied the team photo on the front of the box. The NCAA champion Tar Heels, with Michael Jordan's gaping smile front and center. Growing concerned, I tried to remember how long ago North Carolina had beaten Georgetown for the title. But I was hungry, so I rinsed out a bowl from the sink and took my chances.

With the bowl on the kitchen counter, half full of cereal, I was preparing to drain the last swallow of milk from the plastic jug in my hand, when I stopped, eyes focused on the wheat-colored flakes, thinking I'd seen something move.

I lowered my chin to within an inch of the bowl. Spotted an orange bug, or worm, I wasn't sure which, taking its time burrowing a path under the top layer of cereal. Then I spotted another, and that was enough.

I reared back, trying not to think about what I'd nearly swallowed, grabbed the bowl, emptied it into the over-flowing trash, and watched the flakes scatter and fall through crevices made by empty soup cans and crumpled packs of cigarettes.

Not thinking clearly, I returned the Wheaties to the cupboard, deciding I wasn't hungry after all...

"South of Charm"

Thanks for reading,

EL ;)


Roland D. Yeomans said...

O.K. You just ruined my taste for Wheaties! I'm going to have to go out for some other cereal now. Yuck!

Great writing as always. You drew us in and made us all not hungry anymore!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today and commenting. I hope you do get invited to The Buckeye Book Fair. And here's wishing for only great reviews, Roland

Judy Croome said...

Haha! To-do-lists must be rebelling because mine has also left me with some pretty mean bite marks!

Holding thumbs you'll get to the Book Fair.

And waiting to hear the surprise about the young lady (I think I know who you mean...)

Wishing you tons of great reviews!
Judy, South Africa

Anne Gallagher said...

Yay for book signings!

Loved the excerpt, sort of. I mean really, that was kind of gross, but really great writing. You know.

And hey, 3 + 3 + 1 = 7.!!!! Yay!! School's out for the summer.

Cynthia Lee said...

Yay for your book signing!

Jules said...

Fingers crossed for the Buckeye event, please tell me you are not part of their navy. :) And thank goodness I eat Cheerios.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

L'Aussie said...

Hi Elliot. I will go over and read the review. I hope you get to use the black sharpie.

I just did a post on debut authors and asked for comments if you've managed to hook a publisher. Perhaps you'd like to mosey on over and leave a comment telling us of your debut success!


The Empress said...

Ok, it's official. No more Wheaties for me!

Best of luck with the book fair.

Elliot Grace said...

...I think perhaps I've lost any potential sponsorship with General Mills. Oh wait, they do athletes, not storytellers. Okay then, so be it;)

Thanks guys for your thoughts! Off to bed.


Donna Hole said...

Reading your above comment El - ain't that the truth :)

Loved the imagery.

I won't read the review until AFTER I post my own. But I'll say I'm so happy for you Dude. Sharpie, here you go.

I look forward to your post about the "certain girl."

Best wishes on your busy month.


DEZMOND said...

ooh, a book signing! Exciting, don't forget to smile :)

Jodi MacArthur said...

I hate it when short list grow teeth and bite you on the ass! Just make sure they don't gobble the kids (that's the worst). ;-) What a houseful! Good for you and your wife. I read the review, Jennifer seems very touched and it was cute the way she went on about how she didn't give a nice review only because she knew you. It was because she REALLY liked the book. ;-) The wheatie excerpt is great.

Elliot Grace said...

...hey guys, good morning and thanks for commenting.

The upcoming signing makes me nervous. Never been a fan of the spotlight. Considering letting my oldest son step in for me...that'll fire up the rumor mill;)

Thanks again everyone, and have a great weekend!


Jemi Fraser said...

So excited for you! Will be crossing my fingers right along with you :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been a regular follower. My debut memoir just came out, too. But Denise (you know Denise) said check you out on Writing at Dawn. When I read the excerpt (and the review), I was hooked. This sounds exactly like the kind of story I love, the writing in that excerpt was the kind of lean, compelling prose I love.
Ann Best, Memoir Author

Anonymous said...

p.s. Meant to say I hope it's out soon on Kindle. There are so many books I want to read on a tight budget. But this is one I want.

Damyanti said...

All the best for your book!

Anonymous said...

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