Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here and Now...'s where we've been, those things we've done or words we've said. Regrets...and the lessons they've taught us.

Accepting defeat, but never failure. Learning from it. Remembering that feeling, a venomous throb churning within. Committing to improve, to succeed. And to try, try again.

This is about not putting it off until later. It's about getting it done Here. And Now...

Oh, and as for my whereabouts this summer...

It's where the shuffle of cleats can stir up a cloud of dust over a scorched ball field, the salty taste of grit settling upon one's tongue.

And still we cheer. We jump and we laugh.

It's where girls prance along an elderly sidewalk withering under Father Time's scowl. Sandals snapping against their heels, the sound like a pair of festering turtles. And their young suitors standing nearby, leaning against park benches, ornery thoughts nearly visible through summer's haze.

Where the air smells of coconut and seaweed, the ocean ever reaching with tendrils of foam.

And where a simple glance to the skies reveal a place so enchanting, so blue, that surely it must lead somewhere...

Surely it must ;)

It's playoff week. The boys are ready.

My first book signing looms on the 22nd.

My wife and I are celebrating our Anniversary.

And the Ying of the Yang? Earlier this evening my wife was on Facebook, spotted a post generated from our teenage foster child, (some of you may remember her as The Girl,) and called me over from across the room.

The post featured a picture of my book. Several links smeared underneath, luring readers to Amazon or GoodReads. And next to the cover, a quote from The Girl.

"Hey all! Check out my dad's book! It's a great read!"

...what can I say? The kid's got taste ;)



Sarah Pearson said...

I love your writing - and I love that FB post :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I hope sales for SOUTH OF CHARM are out of the ball park. Enjoy the book signing. My AC-less apartment which has the internet access has exiled me from the internet except for trying to maintain my blog.

I am sleeping on the floor of a vacant apartment with AC for awhile until they can repair the new apartment I am moving to. Sigh. I feel like a Buddhist monk at night! LOL. Roland

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hey EL

Congrats on the book signing. You have some wonderfl imagery in this post, I really enjoyed it.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Life sounds good for you and I hope it continues ten fold.

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Sarah, you're a sweetheart, thanks for stopping by :)
Hey Roland, be it possible, I'd jump a flight down there and make damn sure that A/C was running on all cylinders before returning. Thanks for reading, and wishing you the best.
Hey Michael, it's indeed been the kind of summer one builds a photo album around. Like my wife says, "We've been due for a while." Thanks for reading and your comments:)


Judy Croome said...

Enjoy the book signing on teh 22nd - hope you get a sore arm from all the 1000's of books you have to sign!:)

And hope you and the wife enjoy the anniversary too.

Judy, South Africa

Cynthia Lee said...

Have a great anniversary! And have a great book signing too!

Donna Hole said...

I want to be sitting in one of those chairs at the end of the pier . .

So nice to have the kids enjoy your writing; and The Girl calling you Dad, that must have been an awesome feeling.

You'll be a natural at the book signing El. I wish I could be there to shake your hand and congratulate you.

Hey; have you thought about changing your blog title? You have made it THERE :) So close can mean so many things though.

Have a great weekend, and good luck to your boys at the playoffs.


Lola Sharp said...

Happy anniversary!!! :)


Flying high in the sky.... said...

oh...i was enjoying everything ... so beautiful and happy ... anniversary and all .. and then suddenly i had tears.... your foster daughter is soooooooooooooo cute!!!! how cute!!!

DEZMOND said...

I can smell the coconut!

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Judy, that book signing, I'm fearing the idea of it, have never been fond of crowds, but will think pretty thoughts and battle through. (Maybe everyone will be at the pool that day:)
Hey Cynthia, the anniversary and book signing are on the same about a date to remember ;) Thanks for stopping by!
Hey Donna, there's nothing natural about me in front of many pairs of eyes. I may have my eldest son sit in my place, sign the books for me. He's better looking anyway ;)
Hey Lola, thanks so much for hopping over and your thoughts!
Hey Flying, thanks for stopping by. Yes, that girl's a cool kid. She's a keeper. You're a good friend, thanks for reading!


Elliot Grace said...

Hey Dez, it's a summertime necessity. Thanks for hopping over!


The Words Crafter said...

Yay for The Girl's post!!! Congrats on the upcoming book signing and Happy Anniversary!

I'll make you a deal. You pipe all your cold weather to me and I'll pipe all my hot weather to you :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Happy Anniversary!

I hope you enjoy the book signing. :)

Hooray for FB posts!

Jodi MacArthur said...

Happy Anniversary, El. And how sweet about your foster child, makes it all worth it, eh? Yay for the signing. And yes, I'm purchasing your book soon. Promise! I keep saying that, but for ReALS. ;-) Hope you're having a terrific summer with festering snapping turtles against your heels..or was that your flip flops?

M Pax said...

Happy anniversary and happy almost book signing. Exciting.

How wonderful that she's promoting you proudly.

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Sounds like summertime bliss. Happy Anniversary and cudos on the book signing. My heart twanged over your daughter's FB post.

Cheers to you! *clink*
that rebel, Olivia

Nicki Elson said...

Beautiful post. You managed to make me think fondly for a moment about these HOT dusty days of summer I've been cursing lately.

That FB post is awesome!

Good luck at the signing. Have fun---my #1 recommendation.

Oh, and good luck to the boys in playoffs, and happy anniversary!

Jemi Fraser said...

The Girl has great taste! And a loving family - so glad for you all!! :)

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Becky, sounds like a deal to me!
Hey Eagle, the book signing became a frantic success, (meaning that I was frantic, but the night was a success ;)
Hey Jodi, thanks for stopping by, and no worries, the book will be there when ready. Thanks so much for your interest!
Hey Pax, thanks for your thoughts! And yes, that girl's one cool customer.
Hey Olivia, summertime bliss at times, manic insanity on certain days as well. But we smile, and grind onward :)
Hey Nicki, I agree, lovin these summer days. The smells, the burn, the sweat...I'd take it over a month of December any day. Thanks so much for your thoughts!
Hey Jemi, you're a sweetheart! Thanks so much ;)


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