Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Big Ticket...

...alas, basketball playoffs are upon us, rendering my time limited at best. On a positive note, however, the longer my absence, may in fact represent my young team's successful tourney run ;) After all, we're a feisty bunch!

Just a quick reminder that we are but a few short hours from the anticipated ticket release of The Hunger Games, the theatrical version.

Having devoured all three novels quite some time ago, I'm cautiously optimistic that Hollywood can pull off a success. And yes, like a feverish teen riding the vibes of a high school crush, I've agreed to accompany the kids and wife on opening night.

Therefore, in honor of Suzanne Collins's big night, I've attached a link to "Katnissss..." a short story I penned some time ago involving the young huntress from The Games, and a pair of "pale-skins" from the Pacific Northwest by the names of Bella and Edward, (perhaps you've heard of them ;)

Having read the Twilight series as well, a fair amount of time was sacrificed playing around with a simple thought, "so what would happen if those vamps were to be on the hunt one day and find themselves within aim of an Everdeen arrow?

When released, this one ran amuck on Facebook for about a month, give or take, and remains one of the funner stories I've hammered out in recent memory.

Enjoy ;)



Marta Szemik said...

I'm quite excited about this movie! I read the books a while back too, in fact, had to wait until Mockingjay was released. Hope Hollywood can live up to the written word:)

Sarah Pearson said...

That was fun! Katniss would totally take Bella, though :-)

Cynthia Lee said...

I'm excited for the movie, which is kinda weird because I know many of those kids are going to die horribly. *shrugs*

Carolyn V said...

lol! Twillight vs. Hunger Games. That would rock.

I can't wait for the movie! Woohoo!

Amber Clites said...

Can't wait to see The Hunger Games! It was literally the only YA book I could convince the Hubs to read, and he loved it!

I thought your story was hilarious. Good job!

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Every theater in Utah is selling out of these tickets for the Hunger Games. I'll wait a couple of weeks to see it. I wasn't apeshit over the books so I'll see what other people are saying about the show before I go.

The Golden Eagle said...

That was a great story! :)

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Marta, so often it happens that wonderful novels, the ones that leave us itching to turn each page, go belly up once Hollywood gets a hold of them. Let's keep our fingers crossed with this one ;)

Hey Sarah, yep, I'm on her side as well!

Hey Cynthia, I agree, a wee bit morbid of us, and yet we can't help but watch. We are an interesting species ;)

Hey Carolyn, counting down the days with you!

Hey Amber, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it.

Hey Michael, the Buckeye state is selling out as well. Can't believe I agreed to go on opening night.

Hey Eagle, glad you found it entertaining! It made for a fun evening ;)


Donna Hole said...

I haven't read Twilight or Hunger games; but I did read your fan fiction story. Marvelous.

From what I've seen, you gave both Bella and Edward a bit of grit. I liked your version.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Why do people say something is "too funny"? Yours was truly funny, just great! It was good to see Edward with a bit more "grit" as Donna calls it!

If basketball play-offs permit, come Sunday, check out post where, like with your visit to Meilori's, I send Alex Cavanaugh into outer space aboard the old Flash Gordon serial space ship, piloted by the ghost of Mark Twain. Hi-jinks ensue! Roland

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Donna, a little grit would suit Edward just fine, I agree. Thanks for reading ;)

Hey Roland, yep, truly funny, my choice as well. This story reemphasized how the written word can quite literally change one's perspective on a character with a predetermined calling. (And urge a smile in the process ;)

Thanks guys for stopping by!


Morgan said...

Ah-hahaha!!!! My fav line? "That was hot."

Seriously though, great writing. You've definitely got the skills. New follower here... came to say thanks for following me! ;)

RaShelle Workman said...

It's been a while since I've stopped by. Love the new layout. THE HUNGER GAMES is an amazing book. =D

inluvwithwords said...

I haven't read The Hunger Games, but I did read The Twilight Saga, so I'm intrigued. Must click over and check this out. . .

DEZMOND said...

oh, El, I think I lost one of my elven wings when you said you read and liked TWILIGHT :))

Emily said...

Oh, fun! I haven't read Twilight, but I'm clicking over!

Kate Coursey said...

Dude. Katniss would kick Bella's ass. Can't wait for Hunger Games!!!

DeniseCovey_L_Aussie said...

Ah so they're making HG into a film. It should do well as there are so many fans of the trilogy out there although most seem to think the last in the trilogy should have stayed unwritten lol.

Hope South of Charm is still selling well.

Do you know google has put those virtually unreadable captcha codes on your comments? I usually don't stay to comment when they're there as it often takes too much time to figure them out. If you get this, it means it only took one go for a change.


Anonymous said...

Loved it! Great story! And from you, I wouldn't expect anything less.


Elliot Grace said...

Hey Morgan, thanks for the compliment, and for stopping by!

Hey RaShelle, agreed! I do believe Ms. Collins has found her niche.

Hey inluv, hoping you enjoyed the read, and thanks for stopping by ;)

Hey Dez, no worries, from a reader's standpoint, I found it an entertaining series. From a writer's point of view, well...

Hey Emily, hoping you enjoyed the read!

Hey Kate, agreed! Will be there on opening night.

Hey Denise, "Charm's" hanging in there nicely, thanks for asking ;)

Hey M, thanks so much!

Busy weekend ahead, then back at it on Monday...promise!


Christine Danek said...

So, I'm gettting around to making comments and I saw the Hunger Games movie poster. Of course I'm distracted. I must read this short story because it sounds awesome.
I read the books a while back and I can't wait for this movie.

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