Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ultimate Question...

...its an ongoing debate we storytellers scratch our heads and ponder on, beg for advice and inevitably lose more hours of sleep than any of us are willing to admit.

Whether or not to sacrifice one's time sending countless queries on their way to a multitude of slushpiles, in hopes of one day earning that big ticket...

or going for the quick fix, self-publishing one's pride and joy for a shot at instant gratification.  And if the moons properly align, well...

For some the decision is simple, for others, its an uphill climb through a blizzard.  

Having once traveled along both paths a time or two, experiencing my share of outcroppings and detours in either direction, the only advice worthy of sharing goes as follows...

Whatever you do, never send your work to the fellow in this video ;)

Keep writing, dear friends.



Donna Hole said...

Good point.

I struggle with the question of whether to query or not all time. I've growing quite a list of rejections from agents; but I'm also getting positive feedback from beta's and critiquers on the interest level of the story. A mixed message.

Maybe I still have some ways to go on th writer's journey before making a decision. And, there is the happy medium with smaller publishers that accept query's without agent representation.

How's your second novel coming along El? Still happy with your Publisher?


Hope Roberson said...

I'm so glad I read this today :) Thanks for the reminder that I'm not the only one feeling this way and to keep trying :)

Kyra Lennon said...


Yup, it's a tough decision to make, and I am still wondering about it, having just finished my first book!

Anne Gallagher said...

Well, you know what decision I made and I couldn't be happier. Sure, it's a pain with all the formatting and uploading and html codes you have to learn, but, there's something to be said about instant gratification. Once the book has been vetted by my betas and critters, I polish and go. I don't have to wait for my agent, or the editors, or a publishing house to tell me when I'll be pubbed. I can do it myself and in usually 24 hours, there it is on the virtual bookshelves.

And yes, how is book 2 coming along? I should send you an email. I havne't talked to you in forever.

Elise Fallson said...

Having to struggle with this question would mean my book is finished, but alas...it is not. But I do need to start addressing the issue.... maybe tomorrow. (; The video clip btw made me laugh, thanks!

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Donna, it remains atop the list of questions that keep the midnight oil burning. The Fall is coming together nicely, thanks.

Hey Hope, my guess is that we're all struggling with this one. Thanks for reading ;)

Hey Kyra, congrats on finishing up that project! You're most deserving of a toast ;)

Hey Anne, the system you have in place is spot on. I'm envious of your daily routine. And yes, The Fall is definitely coming together, thanks!

Hey Elise, patience and time are the virtues we writers live by. Patience and time. Good luck!


Annalisa Crawford said...

I will always query the marketable, but I might self-publish those bits of oddity that might not be mainstream enough.

I've taken the self-publishing senario to extreme and wonder what would happen to a very large industry (think independent bookshop and small-press publishers, rather than just the big multinationals) if EVERYONE decided to self-publish. And what would happen to literature.

The Golden Eagle said...

Ouch! I feel bad for the fictional author of that picture book now. LOL.

Definitely a big question, especially now that more people are using e-readers. I'm inclined toward querying--at least at first to see if what I write gets any feedback--but I'll have to revise and edit a novel before that. :P

The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I had that guy send me a rejection once! Just a footprint on the first page of my manuscript (Sadly, this actually happened!)

You know my answer. I have self-published. Fizzle. At least I tried.

I am polishing my last book, BEST OF ENEMIES. It should be out in June.

I wish you the best in your second. Hang in there. It is not easy! Roland

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Annalisa, interesting point, and one that may in fact become reality someday.

Hey Eagle, we apparently run the same gamut I'm afraid. Like dipping our toes in the sand, just to see how warm it really is down there, before going about the business at hand ;)

Hey Roland, I fear you don't give yourself enough credit. When polished, your work stands alone, proven over and over by the countless amount of visitors you get, reading your posts every day. That silver lining is out there, just waiting to be found, my friend. Just waiting...

Happy Monday ;)


Carolyn V said...

I think there is a place for both agents and epubbing. It's so great to have so many avenues. ;)

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