Monday, January 28, 2013

...still "Falling" (an excerpt)

...A rising sun the color of an ocean's pearl casts and eerie glow upon an awakening coastline.  Jessica watches as thinning tendrils of fog form a veil to the east, rising to meet the sun, only to smolder and vanish in the heat.  The whispering rainfall that had caused her teeth to chatter, her flesh to bristle with goose bumps, calms to an occasional drip.  And through the gray, pinholes of light begin warming the metal under her fingers.

"Beautiful," Jessica marvels, her gaze finding a rainbow arching over the streets of Goose Creek, several miles to the north.

Vehicles begin streaming over the bridge, their vibrations causing her hold on the guardrail to falter.  Throbbing muscles deny her any chance of adjusting her dangling position.  She'd lost her footing on the bottom rail minutes earlier.  Her legs now dangled and swayed above the river.  Pulling herself to safety would be impossible now.

"That's okay," she stammers, answering her own thoughts.  "It's better this way.  Better for everyone..."

The Fall, available now on Kindle for $.99  

Check it out!

El ;)


Stephanie D said...

Looks interesting! Thanks for following my blog! Following right back.

Donna Hole said...

Very nice :) Love the description. I think I need a blanky to ward off the chill.


Anne Gallagher said...

Elliot -- I hate to nitpic on such a beautiful scene, but...

in the first sentence "...ocean's pearl casts and eerie glow..."

the 'and' should be 'an'.

Sorry, I just had to say something. I don't want you to slap your forehead when someone points it out in a review.

Jemina said...

very nice..:D

Carolyn V said...

Oh... I want to reach out and catch her! Very well done!

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Stephanie, very kind of you, thanks!

Hey Donna, thanks for the compliment. I enjoy adding color, as long as I don't allow it to take over the story ;)

Hey Anne, thanks for your honesty. No worries though, I copied this from the original the old fashioned way. The story available on Amazon is correct. Good catch!

Hey Jemina, thanks, glad you enjoyed the excerpt ;)

Hey Carolyn, you're too sweet, thanks!


Elise Fallson said...

The scene starts off so beautifully and then I'm thinking 'NO! Don't fall!' Great excerpt, have it on my tbr list, hopefully I'll get an ereader soon so I can start reading all these awesome books. (:

Teresa Coltrin said...

Nice!!! I'll get The Fall. Can't wait.

Anne Gallagher said...

See, I knew that. lol But I just wanted to make sure.

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Elise, when that e-reader falls into your lap, my stories will be waiting ;)

Not sure if you knew this, but one can also download Kindle onto their smartphones and computers as well. I use my iphone as an e-reader during my lunch breaks at the day job. Might be something to consider.

Hey Teresa, thanks, hope you enjoy the read!

Hey Anne, I appreciate the editor in you ;)


DEZMOND said...

such lovely descriptions, El!

celeste holloway said...

Awesome, Elliot!

You don't need any pointers on how to hook readers! You've made me curious, so I'll venture to Amazon. :)

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Morgan said...

Beautiful visuals, Elliot! Wow!

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