Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"History's Conspiracy"

...someone apparently offered Glenn Beck their favorite wooden spoon just prior to taking the air a few days ago, along with the following advice, "Stir the pot, Glenn, my boy.  Stir the pot and watch those ratings soar!" 

Without Hollywood's cosmetic additives, Moroccan actor, Mehdi Ouzaani looks nothing like our Commander in Chief.  Throw in some special affects however, and the History Channel's version of satan in their highly acclaimed series, The Bible, has many accusing the cable network of wrong doing.

The show's producer, Mark Burnett, has denied the accusation, calling it utter foolishness.  The History Channel's take on the subject..."we have the utmost respect for President Obama, and it's unfortunate how someone has made the false accusation."

The show really is fascinating.  A series of epic proportions, with ratings currently shattering the competition.  

As for the resemblance...opinions remain widespread.  Ask a strict Republican on their thoughts, and you'll receive their version of history in biblical terms, armed with enough drama to cause hair loss.  Ask a Democrat, and you'll  get something entirely different.

How about some opinions from fellow storytellers?  What's your take on the conspiracy?  Was it all just a coincidence, or something more? 

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

The similarity is too close for coincidence. In Hollywood, there is no such thing as coincidence -- just attempts to ride the band wagon.


I don't have cable, so I will have to wait for the DVD. I hear the ratings are miraculous. (Pun intended). Still it is nice to see something on TV that doesn't mock believers or what they believe in.

Didn't the director or producer cast his wife as the older Mary, Mother of Jesus?

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Roland

Anne Gallagher said...

I think there is a similarity in facial features, but to compare President Obama to Satan is just utterly ridiculous. Another bit of propoganda by the "losing" Republicans to make the Commander-in-Chief look bad.

Anonymous said...
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Larry Hyatt said...

I've been watching and I saw the scene. I didn't even notice. I was so into the scene, I guess.
The next morning doing show prep I came across it. Thought, dang. I didn't even notice.

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Roland, interesting points to consider, and I agree, no coincidences in Hollywood, which is troubling.

Hey Anne, definitely a way for Glenn Beck to better his general populace, indeed.

Hey Larry, I showed the pic to my wife who'd yet to hear of the comparison, asked her who that dude looked like. She offered it a glance, shrugged, and went on about her day without a second thought ;)


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