Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meilori's ;)

The Charming Endeavor Blog Tour has led Danny Kaufman and I toward the farthest reaches of our ever changing landscape. From the scorched earth and tangerine-scented flavor of the Deep South, to the Windy City that never sleeps. From across the Great Pond where the Old City sparks nostalgia, to the Piedmont Grille in Carolina Blue. We risked a frigid night or two up North of the Border, and wandered across the Great Salt Lake. We journeyed into the past for a memory and a giggle with Nicki Elson. We shed a tear over Olivia J. Herrell's touching review. We shared a deep dish with Michael Di Gesu. And along the way, spoke at length with the Golden Eagle.

But it was upon our journey home from Cali, and visit with dear friend Donna Hole, when Danny and I ventured south, our sights set for the Bayou, and a visit long overdue.

When offered the invitation, I hesitated but for a moment, deciding whether or not to review my life insurance policy before packing my things. For this trip would be like no other...

Roland Yeomans needs no introduction. Perhaps the most inspired writer in Blogland and beyond, his gifted penmanship has lured more than nine hundred followers to his posts, those spirited tales narrated from visitors beyond the grave.

We've sparked a friendship, Roland and I, a storytelling duo of sorts. An admiration of each other's work.

And so when he invited Danny Kaufman and I down to the Bayou for a sit down at Meilori's, that famous 'Nawlins Nightclub where the dead like to play, I leaped at the opportunity...

So come along with Danny and I, as our month-long journey comes to an end, but not before a visit to Meilori's, sharing drinks and a festive chat with Roland Yeomans...and whoever else may drop by ;)




Sarah Pearson said...

An invitation to the infamous Meilori's is not to be missed :-)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

It was wonderful having you at Meilori's. You have to come back again. But watch out for the ghost of Mark Twain. He's still jealous that the ghost of Edna St. Vincent Millay followed you home!!

Only high sales for you, Elliot. And thanks for the kind words, Roland

Andrea Franco-Cook said...

Sorry I missed this, but I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for the next time you have such a great blogfest. Happy Halloween.

Donna Hole said...

Uh, I forgot. I better hurry over . .


Elliot Grace said...

Hey Sarah, it proved a night to remember ;)

Hey Andrea, I will surely include you in the mix for the next go around, thanks!

Hey Donna, no worries, the memories linger on ;)

Roland, that was a hoot! Surely you've gained possession of a magic wand from a 'Nawlins Mystic at some point. And with one swipe through the air, a simple interview becomes an otherworldly venture into the dark side...

Well done, my friend. I've learned to expect no less ;)


JUST ME said...

A ghost nightclub?

Where do I sign up?!!

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Andrea :
Many who have visited Meilori's wish they could forget! Elliot's visit wasn't that kind -- almost though!

Donna :
Your table is always reserved. But bring the pepper spray. Meilori's gets rather wild at times.

Just Me :
Meilori's is the best haunted jazz club you will ever visit. Now, leaving is sometimes a challenge! We'll be looking for you, Roland

Elliot :
It was great fun having you there, my friend. No magic wand for me. They make you lazy anyway! LOL.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Such a cool idea. :) A haunted jazz club... love it!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Bethany :
I always thought a haunted jazz club in New Orleans would be a great locale around which adventures could center. My own TWILIGHT ZONE/FANTASY ISLAND in the middle of the French Quarter. I'm you like the idea, too, Roland

Robert Guthrie said...

So cool how you're creating & living the good writerly life!

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