Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off to Cali for a visit with Donna Hole

...there's just something invigorating about the west coast. Something in the air when the breeze playfully slaps you on the cheek, a taste of singed elm from that distant bonfire dancing its shadows along a beach. The sands littered with surfers, sightseers, and the locals, their bronzed bodies glittering under the setting sun...

Donna Hole and I watch the scene from a distance, chatting of the good times and the bad. Of the writing industry and all of its changes over the years.

This marks my second invite to Donna's, a writer herself, and successful social worker. Considering how I'm a foster parent, the stars were aligned perfectly for our chance meet, and ensuing friendship with common interests.

So click on over to Donna's Digs and read along, our conversation about "South of Charm," and the ever challenging task of parenting a house full of bruised and battered children, as the bonfires sputter and cackle well into the night...

Thanks for reading ;)



Michael Offutt said...

I want to go visit Donna Hole. I'm jealous.

Mark Noce said...

Glad you're enjoying the west coast:) I live there myself and wouldn't have it any other way:)

DEZMOND said...

oooh, we do love Donnzie Hole, even though she calls us Dezmund :)) !

Sarah Pearson said...

Oops, nearly missed this one! Onmy way :-)

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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