Wednesday, June 26, 2013

...A Passage that would Change Everything

...this past weekend my oldest son and I attended a local musical competition known as The Battle of the Bands.  As the title proclaims, musicians from around the area, some from across the state, others peddling in from down the block, meet up at the fair grounds for a winner take all concert.  

The four or five of your very best songs, offering musical  sustenance to an impatient audience baking under clear skies, for a chance at winning some free recording time, their best tune played on the local radio station, and an hour long concert during the yearly Octoberfest.  

For an unknown artist of the lyrical tune, this is playoff time.

My son and I sat toward the back of the grandstand, enjoying a taste of local flavor, occasionally offering support, at times yearning for the chorus to end.

Nearing the conclusion of the show, our true reason for being there ambled onto the stage.

I leaned toward my son, who'd never heard them play.  "You're in for a treat."

Musical group Reddy Freddy, three brothers and their enthusiastic drummer, all born and bred less than a mile from the stage they now stood upon, eased into their first song.  

I'm a fan of Reddy Freddy, have mentioned them in previous posts, and spend my days in a cubicle, (when not on the road), sharing thoughts and ideas with their base player.

The crowd, restless after endearing twenty minutes of bad karaoke, grew still, thinking perhaps they were listening to Dave Matthews, or Jack Johnson, as opposed to a group of fellas from across town.

Each song garnered wild applause.  When they finished up their time in the spotlight with their best hit, "DNA," every last soul in attendance was on their feet.

Playing only their own work, Reddy Freddy swept the competition and took first place.  Perhaps I'm biased, but in the end it really wasn't even close.

When I introduced my son to the band members, including the talented base player who, during normal business hours, shares an office with yours truly, the first question out of my boy's mouth proved a bit forward, but nonetheless worthy of discussion.

"Why are you guys still playing for pennies around here, and not on tour with The Lumineers?"

The answer was really quite simple.  "Because that ONE person hasn't heard us just yet."  He then leaned forward, as if about to offer my son the secret to tuning a guitar in less time than it takes to slap together a ham 'n cheese on rye, and said, "But I'm pretty sure he will...some day."

That conversation between my son, and my musical pal from the neighboring cubicle, has stuck with me since.  

When it's all said and done, musicians and writers are very much alike.  Starving artists from opposing branches, yet stemming from the same thick trunk.  So much talent, all those dreams, each of us waiting around for that ONE person that'll change everything.

And from there, an idea struck.

What if, say...Stephen King were to somehow get a copy of my novel, South of Charm?  And what if he were to be so cool as to read a passage of Charm on YouTube, perhaps even the first few pages of chapter 36, my personal favorite?

And what if that simple download, just a guy reading a story, were to earn a hundred thousand hits during its infancy?

What then?

All it would take is one person to change everything.

Just one.

Pass it on... 

You can listen to Reddy Freddy's "DNA" on the link below...

And in case you're interested in reading Chapter 36 from South of Charm...

Thanks for reading ;)



E.J. Wesley said...

Very cool! Love supporting local musicians. I think their experiences mirror a lot of the things writers have to go through these days.

I'll definitely check them out!


L.G. Smith said...

It only takes one yes from the right person. :)

Emily Sovich said...

Congratulations to Reddy Freddy! Now you've got me curious about them...

Elliot Grace said...

Hey E.J., I couldn't agree more. Thanks for stopping by!

Hey L.G, isn't it something how that works? ;)

Hey Emily, definitely check them out. Great young band!


Donna Hole said...

Ah, I'm with you, waiting on that One person to find my writings. Let me know if SK does a read of your book :)

I do like Reddy Freddy's music.


Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, EL...

Boy, have you hit the nail right on the head... pardon the cliche'. But true.

All artists ARE in the same boat. Since I multi task in several art forms, I can honestly say this.

And yes, It only take ONE YES from the right person. Timing is EVERYTHING!

I'm glad you and your son got to bond with something so special!

Have a great weekend...

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I have this fantasy that Neil Gaiman ambles across my blog and reads a bit of my prose and takes a chance on one of my novels in my sidebar and casually mentions how much he enjoyed my book on HIS blog! Then, I wake up. Sigh.

But it can happen if we do not give up! :-)

Elliot Grace said...

Hey Donna, I will indeed! Ahh...such odds we face ;)

Hey Michael, all about the timing, you said it. I can't help but wonder how many best selling authors currently have their work on B&N shelves simply for being in the right place, at just the right time. Hmmm...

Hey Roland, with the quality of work you produce, that scenario is very possible, perhaps even likely. Keep believing!


The Words Crafter said...

How cool you know musicians! And yes!!!! Having SK read a passage from your book would almost certainly guarantee sales and recognition. Maybe you should send him a copy!

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